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QI89QI89 Posts: 5 Apprentice
Our 2f robotiq gripper stopped working on our ur5 robot.  It'll say it's activated but when you try to use it it will say it's not activated and the gripper will flash red and blue.  I tried reactivating the gripper, restarting the robot, unplugging the gripper and plugging it back in, taking the gripper off and checking the little pins.


  • mathieu_theriaultmathieu_theriault Posts: 27 Handy
    Hi @QI89, I have opened a ticket for you as we will need more information. You will receive an email about this shortly.

    Best regards,
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 237 Handy
    E-Open and E-Stop stand for Emergency-Open and Emergency-Stop.

    It is used to open our close the gripper without need to activate the gripper. This way you can open or close the gripper to release object in case of emergency.
    When you use E-Stop or E-Open the gripper LED will flash blue/red and gripper activation will be lost.

    Don t use E-Open and E-Stop to open or close the gripper in normal operation. Use the gripper control of the top menu. It should work fine.

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