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arjqarjq Posts: 2 Recruit

I am working on a project where i use the wrist camera to locate fallen products on a vibrating table. When the camera locates, it turns off the vibrating table, picks up the product and places it in a tray, and then turns on the table. I would like to turn on the table, when the robot has picked up the product to avoid unessacery down time, while the robot is placing the product in the tray. 

But if i set the vibrating table on, in the part of the program where the robot picks up the product, it will be a problem if the camera has located more then one products, because it/they will move away from the target position, because the program turns off the table at the start of the came node and then turns it on every time it picks up a product. Therefor i need to define when the last product has been picked up, and turn the table off then. 

So my question is, is it possible to define how many products the camera locates, so i can define (count) when it picks up the last. I noticed that i have a variable called: f_xxxx, xxxx being a switching number, and in that variable it counts objects located and writes a pose. But how do i use the variable/pose? 


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