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Hi DoF Pros,

As you might have seen, Robotiq released an easy-to-use camera for vision-guided pick and place on UR. We’re taking orders on the product now (contact and it will start shipping in mid-August. You can read the official press release here. You can find below some more technical information about it. The spec sheet is also attached. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions!

Here is the video if you didn't see it yet


  • Mechanical

    • UR wrist bolt pattern

    • Slim design, adds only 13.5 mm between the flange and the tool

  • Electrical connection

    • USB 2.0

    • Can use a single cable when used with Robotiq 2-Finger Grippers

  • 2D Camera

    • 70 mm to infinity focal length

    • Integrated high power lighting


  • Wizard like calibration and part teaching, no coding, no special vision parameters to set

  • Setup and runs on UR controller using interface on teach pendant

Today, the Robotiq Camera can:

  • Work on UR robots only

  • Locate parts (or features) that are singulated and not moving

Today, the Robotiq Camera cannot:

  • Do bin picking or pick parts piled on top of each other

  • Do quality control

  • Do metrology

  • Use color information to recognize parts

  • Stream the raw video data

How we’ll leverage DoF to deploy the Camera at customers sites

As anybody who has worked with vision-guided robotics before, you know that many factors can influence the robustness of a vision system. DoF will be ideal to communicate what works and what does not work with the Robotiq Camera in production.

  • At Robotiq, we will share all non-confidential tests with the camera and we encourage you to do the same. Putting videos, programs and notes will be great to build the common know-how.

  • You can also share pictures of parts to be picked and we will run our vision algorithm to do a first offline feasibility assessment.

For more details:

  • Visit the product page here

  • Get the spec sheet here