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Hello Pros, 

On October 10, 2019, Robotiq announced the launch of its new eLearning platform on Dof. Today, we released new content to help you master Robotiq products and application kits. 

Accelerate your production line with Robotiq’s new CNC Machine Tending Kit


Learn how to use the kit at its full potential:

  • Introduction

  • Mechanical installation

  • Software installation

  • Camera calibration

  • TCP setup + payload

  • Fingertips

  • Machine Tending Copilot

Ensure a perfect finish every time with Robotiq’s new External Tool Finishing Kit 


Learn how you can get a perfect finish every time:

  • Introduction

  • Mechanical installation

  • Software installation

  • Force node using ext. tool

  • Gripper tool center point (TCP) setup

  • External TCP setup

  • Pro Touch

Locate parts without any robotics expertise with Robotiq’s Wrist Camera


Learn how to use the Robotiq Wrist Camera’s newest features:

  • Barcode and 2D code reading

  • Save Image

  • Workplane base on a full calibration

  • Cam locate looping option

Program complex tasks the easy way with Finishing Copilot


Learn how to program easily with Finishing Copilot’s new features:

  • External tool center point for path generation

  • Find and apply contact offset

Get started now!