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FanFan Posts: 1 Recruit

I would like to connect  2F-85 UR kit directly to a PC. I have some questions:
  1. Does any kind of USB-RS485 converter work in this case or must be the Robotiq converter? 
  2. My understanding is that I do not need another Robotiq controller hardware in my case. Is that correct?
  3. Do I need a power supply?
Many thanks



  • Yannik_MethotYannik_Methot Posts: 38 Handy
    Hi Fan,

    1. Any Converter using an FTDI chip should be able to work.

    2. If you have a gripper that can be controlled directly to your robot without any external controller, you will not need one either to control it on your PC.

    3. Yes, the gripper will need to be powered with 24V/1A to be detected and controlled from a PC.

    You may use the Robotiq User Interface to test the communication with your gripper from your PC.
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