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Hi Pros,

A new Vacuum Gripper Firmware update is now available ! Here are the new features:

Toolbar/ UR+ Menu 

  • The toolbar will now be available during your program execution, so you can control in real-time your Vacuum status. 

  • A new vacuum status section where you can configure your maximum and minimum vacuum percentage, and time-out. 

Program node

  • Control up to four Vacuum Grippers independently, with the possibility to combine an AirPick and an EPick. 

  • With the ‘’Wait until object is detected’’ option, go to the next step as soon as the object is detected.

Firmware Update

The installation of the firmware update is mandatory to have the new Object Detection feature and the following upgrades:

  • Timeouts and object detection management

    • Will standardize grippers behavior. 

    • Will optimize object detection to minimize object drop.

  • Power limitation

    • Consume power within the available range of the robot.

  • Continuous pump acceleration

    • Makes pumps accelerate at a continuous rate. 

  • Smart Mode

  • Some improvements have been made in the maximum vacuum detection to enhance the Smart Mode while the Vacuum is gripping porous objects.

  • Minimum vacuum detection point

  • This feature detects when the minimum vacuum point is approaching, so it can maintain vacuum over a minimum vacuum level. 

  • I/O coupling

    • This update makes Vacuum programs more robust for the standard and I/O Couplings.

For more details about the Vacuum Gripper firmware updates, refer to the EPick and AirPick Instruction Manuals, or contact our technical support team by clicking here