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BdawgBdawg Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback from the users of this forum.

I have done custom finger design for gripping specific parts and a family member with an EDM business.

Do you think there would be interest in having a service where the supplied fingertips with the grippers could have a profile EDM machine in either 1 or 2 different profiles?

I have also been thinking of potentially having some pre milled and hardened blanks that would allow quick turn around for custom grippers that mount directly to the Hand-E or the 2f-85. 


  • David_GouffeDavid_Gouffe Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 56 Handy

    From a coach's point of view, this is a good idea. 

    Let us know:
    -If you offer finger tips for our grippers. 
    -The territory where you can ship and deal with. 

    For the market analysis ... hard to say. A part of the Robotiq Gripper market I guess. 

    To succeed: 
    -Customization for the client part. 
    -Short delay. 

    Glad you enjoy using our grippers. 
    Glad you could help other clients enjoy our grippers with your custom fingertips. 

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