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sathishkumarsathishkumar Unconfirmed Posts: 13 Apprentice

Hi Team,

     we have one question that, we send the program to UR3e robot via socket programming, during sending code, the ethernet is removed, what happen...?

    is the robot run or not...?

    Else the robot run based on acceptance co-ordinate. please reply us.

Thank you


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    If the ethernet cut you will fail to send your program.
    I think the send function of your program should return an error. If an error append you can try to established again a connection and send your program.

    What about having a modbus variable on your robot to make sure the robot really received your program ?

    You could set this variable to false before loading your program. Send your program and set the variable to true just after. Then you can check the value of the variable on the robot to see if the program loading worked.

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