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dapha1234dapha1234 Posts: 2 Recruit
Hello! I am encountering some issues with polyscope here's the situation

What URCAPS I am using:
  • Force copilot (UCS-1.12.0)
  • Wrist camera (UCC-1.9.0)
Using a C# application which is able to:
  • Use dashboard server (load, play, pause, stop program)
  • Transfer files (kinda like using filezilla with the sftp functions)
  • Communicate with a program in the polyscope (socket TCP/IP)
  • UR10e
  • Polyscope (5.5.1)
With my C# application:
  1. I send a main.urp program according to the situation. The main.urp program contains subprograms and a script loaded in the "Before Start" which are also sent from the C# application. FYI all the checkboxes are checked in the subprograms (Keep Subprogram File Updated with this Program and Hide subprogram Tree). 
  2. I use the dashboard server functionnalities to load (select) the newly sent main.urp program from 1 (port = 29999).
  3. I use the dashboard server functionnalities to play the main.urp program.
  4. There is a Thread in my main.urp program which sends data to my C# application according to the situation (port = 50 000 or 21 with a socket TCP/IP) when playing the program from 4.
  5. The subprograms contains force copilot wrist camera functions.

Here are the problems that I've been having lately:
  1. When I run the program sometimes it works perfectly. But sometimes (not all the time) when hitting the play with the dashboard server functionnalities I have this Robotiq Copilot popup: "RTDE interface cannot initialize. Make sure that Ethernet/IP adapter and Profinet are disabled and that no other URCaps use the RTDE". I don't know about the URCaps but in my installation tab Profinet and Ethernet/IP adapter are disabled.

  2. After running a few times programs that way (similar type of .urp but with a few differences) the polyscope software gets really slow (even when I am not running any programs). Accessing a menu just by clicking can take up to 5-10 seconds. In situations like this rebooting the robot gets it back to normal until I do a few runs with my programs.
Do you guys have any clues that could help me figure out what is going on with the polyscope software? I tried switching the port (50 000 instead of 21) in my communication socket thread in hopes that maybe there is a port conflict with another URCap but with 50 000 it still gets slow at a certain point.

Thank you for reading!


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    I transfer your feedback to our support team. We will exchange with you and see how we could solve this problem.
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