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@Pmkgur10 you could always teach a feature on the installation tab under features and then teach the points relative to that feature. Then when you adjust the feature the points will move automatically. Depending on the type of feature you choose will depend on how accurately the points move in space relative to the feature moving. Planes are the best they are harder to adjust on the fly. 

We have a script that allows us to use 3 points to teach a new plane and return a point that we can then use to reference points against. The challenge is UR changed the way planes are calculated back in 3.6 or 3.7 so our plane doesn’t match a feature plane any longer, x and y axes are flipped. 

Another option, just a little more painful to implement initially is you store all the waypoints in the program but never actually go to them. You then use a calculated point as a reference point that is taught at the same time and calculate the difference between the points and the reference. Then you add that difference to a newly calculated reference when the part moves and you use those variable waypoints instead of the fixed waypoints. 

Hope this gives you some ideas to solve the problem you’re having. 
Thank you Mr.Mathew 

It's working fine for my application.