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SagarikaSagarika Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
edited October 2019 in Robotiq Products
The robot used is UR10 (version: the gripper used is Robotiq 3-finger gripper. For now, I am able to connect the robotic arm to my PC through ethernet. The gripper is connected through ethernet as when we are able to ping it using its IP address. The issue is we are not getting the required output given on robotiq website. Instead, we are getting the output mentioned below:

Response 1

Response 2
Close Gripper

Response 3
Open Gripper

Response 4
Close Gripper

The second question is: We are not able to identify that the gripper is connected through ethernet , MODBUS-TCP/IP or MODBUS RTU?
Please suggest us some way of getting it and how can we change the configuration of the gripper? We also want to know how can we open the ports of the gripper if they are closed and not receiving any commands from the PC.


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 181 Handy
    We have several communication protocol available for 3F. I assume you have a Modbus-TCP/IP version.
    If you connect through the ethernet cable to your PC. The communication protocol will be Modbus-TCP/IP.
    If you want to control the gripper in Modbus RTU. You can use the USB port on the side of the gripper and connect to your PC. You can also rewire the power cable because RS485 is available on the power connector.

    I am not sure about how you get the output and why you think there is a problem.
    To control the gripper you have to write "Robot output " register and then read the "Robot input register" to check the status.

    I see no return on your first request. It may be because the connection is not well established. Maybe you should wait a bit after the connection is established before sending your commands.

    I hope it helps.
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