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I have a suggestion regarding two finger grippers:

 Many CNC Metal Shops have parts weighting over 5kg. currently the 2F 85 specifies 5 kg load capacity with certain safety factor included, meaning it is tailored rather towards the UR5.

Suggestion 1:  It would be great to have a gripper with with approx 140mm stroke and 8 or 9 kg payload to match the specs of the UR10.

Suggestion 2:  another idea would be a gripper on the lower end of the spectrum, in the area of the GM 20/P/St from AFAG automation:

 This one can be connected directly to the I/Os on the wrist. it is equipped with only digital i/o for opening / closing / gripped signal, with a force of 40N and stroke 2x4mm. it is not exactly universal but not needing any extra cabling on the bot is great. it specs a 900mA max current, and URs only spec a 600mA current on the wrist ( i believe), but the 900mA are only a very short peak. the force itself is stored by a spring after the motor shuts off so no current is drawn when part is clamped. quite nifty...

 a two finger adaptive (or not adaptive?) gripper in that range with direct connection to the wrist i/o's would also be great for low weight, low requirement applications. perhaps with manual (by a potentiometer or so)  force adjustment option, or force adjustment by analog out on wrist? or position control through analog out on wrist? i have a customer that needs handling for electronic switch cases, part weights only up to a 100 gramms, but many different sizes. that would fit perfectly. it would also have to be priced at around half of a current 2f 85 i assume.

 Comments and other ideas welcome!