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ruddock111ruddock111 Posts: 18 Apprentice

Looking to set up a linear actuator like the one linked below:


What would be the best way of connecting it up? it comes with analog positional feedback. was looking into connecting it into a h bridge 


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 595 Expert
    I made a quick check of the datasheet of the liniar actuator.

    It looks like the best will be to use this actuator in combination with a control board:

    You can also contact the support of Actuonix.

    It is probably better to use this controller than making your own control solution.

  • ruddock111ruddock111 Posts: 18 Apprentice

    That is the board in intend to use after a bit of research. I was just looking to know the way to wire it the the UR
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 595 Expert
    Looks like there are different type of control possible.

    4–20 mA Interface Mode: This mode is compatible with PLC devices typically used in industrial control applications. The desired actuator position (set-point) is input to the LAC on connector X6 pin 4 as a current between 4 mA and 20 mA. The set-point current must be held on pin 4 to reach and maintain the desired actuator stroke position.  

    4-20 mA Interface Mode looks good.
    • Connect the actuator on X2
    • Connect controller digital output to X6 pin4
    • Connect controller ground on X6 pin 1
    • Connect controller 24V on X6 pin 2
    On UR you have the possibility to control a digital output in mA (14-20mA).

    I hope it helps
  • ruddock111ruddock111 Posts: 18 Apprentice

     X6 pin 4 is connected to D04 which is fine. is the power and ground from an external power source or can it be done with the robot for X6 pin 1 and 2. Could you give more info on controlling digital output in mA.
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 595 Expert
    Looks like supply voltage of the control board must match actuator’s rated voltage. So I was wrong with the connection on controller 24V. Probably the best is to use and external 12V power supply.

    I hope it helps,

    I you want to confirm information the best is to contact the supplier of this actuator.

  • Ruddock984Ruddock984 Posts: 15 Apprentice

    If using an external power supply for the DO, it is just a case of putting 12V to the 24V and 0V on the Power block
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