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tom24tom24 Posts: 53 Apprentice

How it work force to detect parts and pick using palletizing or destacking. can any one gives me an example please?

I highly appreciated for the help


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    You can check this discussion about how to make a stacking/unstacking program with UR robot:

    Please ask your questions if something is not clear for you.
    I hope it helps.
  • tom24tom24 Posts: 53 Apprentice
    It is clear with the gripper and camera but I am using a vacuum to pick part from stack. So, how I can use force with e-series in a stack or palletizing if my gripper is a vacuum?
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
    The programming is same whatever the type of gripper you are using 2F85, 2F140, Hand-e, ePick or airPick. With a vacuum gripper, just go down until the robot sense that a force is applied on the suction cup.

    In the link I previously shared with you there was a camera but it was not used for this program. The stack high was detected using the force sensing capability of the robot.

    You also have to possibility to find the high of a part using the vacuum detection of ePick or airPick.
  • tom24tom24 Posts: 53 Apprentice

    It is clear you have a script program to detect on the part, I agree with you. But, the tool I have on the e-series is our design so I have section cups to grip parts and connect with vacuum generator. There is only a force on the tool (no torque). If I have only force how I can program with the pallet because I tested many times but it is not work with my pallet. Can you give me some suggestion or sample on how it works with the pallet?

        Approach_1                                                                                                                                 pallet point-1
         Force =5                                                                                                                                     picked  part                                                                                                                                 Vacuum on                                                                                     Wait:.01                                                                                                                               Exit_1

  • David_GouffeDavid_Gouffe Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 56 Handy

    Best trick to find a part or a surface using the force is "Force Copilot" with the "Find Surface" function. 

    Inside the Pallet tool, just after the point of single part approach:
    -add a "Find Surface"
    -select the axis to search into (Default is Z axis of the tooling)
    It will search up to force detection is reached. 

    Of course, you need the Force Copilot dongle.

    The other way is to use Robotiq AirPick or EPick Vacuums (this last only if material is nonporous). In this other way you use the part detection signal as the trigger of a part detected. 

    With Force Copilot, you save on programming time and give touch sense to the robot. It is an easy, quick, efficient and reliable solution to "Start Production Faster".  

    Let me know once you gave it a try. 

  • tom24tom24 Posts: 53 Apprentice
    I agree with you the options I have but I am working with our vacuum tool design. what about if I did not added a force copilot and using only force with own vacuum and tool so, how it works on pallet?
  • David_GouffeDavid_Gouffe Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 56 Handy

    I guess you would have to use the UR build in commands inside the pallet structure, about the same place as the Robotiq "Find surface" into your program. 

    You might need to find the UR Command, not in basic, but in Advance or Template inside structure. And figure out how to use it. 
    As it is so easy to use Force Copilot and it saves so much time, we do not use the UR one. 

    I will let you seek for this. If it is not working, you can still go for the Force Copilot. 

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