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sathishkumarsathishkumar Posts: 13Unconfirmed Apprentice

Hi Team,

    we are using UR3e Robot and the version is 5.4.2, we send the command to robot via socket programming and the size is 500kb. we get the protective stop error "C271A3: Low level real-time thread: Runtime and communication out of sync", we don't have idea to resolve it. please give suggestion to solve it.


sathish kumar R

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  • matthewd92matthewd92 Posts: 995Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Handy
    What is the command you are sending?  Are you trying to send this as a command while the program is running?
  • sathishkumarsathishkumar Posts: 13Unconfirmed Apprentice
    No, I am not sending command, while the program is running, when I send the code below 500kb its work fine. when the program is above 500 kb, I get the error of protective stop. 

    def function:

    the above format, we using for send command to robot 
  • sathishkumarsathishkumar Posts: 13Unconfirmed Apprentice
    Hi team, 
      I did not get it from you, what is the maximum size of file accepting program in ur3e robot via socket program 
  • bcastetsbcastets Posts: 134Vacuum Beta tester Handy
    edited September 2019
    Best would be to ask the question to UR support team. They are the best persons to advice.

    Once you find the solution, come back here to let us know!
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