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Hello Pros,

As you know, connectivity problems come in as the top cause of unexpected downtime. Cable management is a serious problem when using a UR CB Series cobot, and Robotiq now offers an alternative.

The new I/O coupling allows you use Robotiq grippers (2F, Hand-E, EPick and AirPick) without running a cable along the cobot arm.  As such, I/O couplings are now sold bundled with grippers in Wrist Connect Kits for CB Series cobots. Those kits can be purchased directly through your local distributor.

The I/O coupling for UR CB Series is compatible with 5 Robotiq grippers,
 and lets you do away with cable clutter.

For more details on those new Robotiq kits, get in touch with your local distributor. If you have any questions, please let us know on this forum!

Catherine Bernier, Jr. Eng. 


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