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GrooluGroolu Posts: 2 Recruit
Dear DOF community,
we have two 2F-85 grippers with controllers with Modbus-TCP. They are connected to the same LAN with IPs and
One of them connects in 20 seconds every time, but another one doesn't.
It connects well (like the first), after it was powered down for 20-25 minutes.
If we don't wait for 20 minutes, the red led is solid from 40 sec to two minutes. Sometimes we can't wait at all.
I attach pictures with Input register and Diagnostic from netX Configuration tool at that moment.
We can connect with Robotiq User Interface and see registers of controller. FAULT STATUS register is 00001001 (Communications is not ready). We haven't other faults.
And RUI hasn't Modbus TCP page.

How can we solve this problem?

Thanks for the help.


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