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enzogeroenzogero Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit

I was trying to connect my computer to the Robotiq 3F gripper by TCP but the green led was just blinking and when i was running
"rosrun robotiq_3f_gripper_control Robotiq3FGripperTcpNode.py"
i had the error :
"raise ConnectionException("Failed to connect[%s]" % (self.__str__()))
pymodbus.exceptions.ConnectionException: Modbus Error: [Connection] Failed to connect[]"

So i tried to change the IP address of the gripper with Robotiq User Interface and now the red led is always on with the message : "minor fault: the communication chip is not ready" and i can't even make the green led blinking anymore or change again the IP address.

So first i need to fix the red led problem but how ?

Thanks for the help


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