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Annick_MottardAnnick_Mottard Posts: 147 Handy
edited July 2019 in Robotiq Products
Hello Pros,

The first Robotiq Sanding Kits have been shipped this week, and are on their way to your workshops. This new tool benefits from a feature implemented in this latest 1.11 Finishing Copilot URCap: the Path Generator. This cutting-edge feature automatically generates paths after teaching only a handful of waypoints, and it works on both flat and curved surfaces. It is available with a Finishing Copilot licence.

For more details on the Sanding Kit, click here.

Read the following release notes to learn about new features, improvements and fixes.


Path Generator node

Specify a few key positions, and a path is automatically plotted for the robot, either for a flat or curved surface. 

Finishing Tool Control node

Tools can now be turned on and off using this node.

New Copilot license type

The Finishing Copilot licence gives access to advanced Copilot nodes, such as Finishing Tool Control and Path Generator.

Force Control node

Added an icon which pops up a reference screen about using Targeted position and Current position.

Force Control node

Force and moment are now displayed when holding the Test button.


  • Tweaked performance when using multiple Robotiq URCaps.
  • ActiveDrive: can now activate by pushing Freedrive twice.


  • Multipoint Path node: Add line and Add curve instructions no longer crash ActiveDrive.
  • Copilot is now fully compatible with the Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDE) client for e-Series robots.
  • Path node: BeforeStart is executed just before the robot starts moving along its path.
  • Trying to access ActiveDrive while a program is running displays a warning message.
  • When a Reorient operation is run in ActiveDrive, if an existing force is applied to the robot, a message is displayed to prompt you to zero forces.
  • Path node: repeatedly tapping the Play and Stop buttons for a program displays a message.
  • Current URCap version is now backward compatible with previous versions for Insertion Spiral and Rotational operations, and can run programs designed in earlier URCap versions that include these operations.
  • ActiveDrive: if you enabled ActiveDrive, zeroed forces, and then switched from Free mode to Translation mode (for instance), the robot used to move based on Free mode.
  • Path and Multipoint Path nodes: multithreading now synchronizes properly and no longer crashes programs.
  • When the Tool Center Point (TCP) was changed after recording a path, the Start and End buttons used the original TCP, while the Play button used the modified TCP.
  • When modifying a TCP orientation, the ActiveDrive Reorient feature made the robot move and turn randomly.
Annick Mottard
Product Expert
[email protected] 


  • jbahnerjbahner Founding Pro, Partner Posts: 10 Handy
    Is there any way to take advantage of the Path Generator and Force Control nodes through an external program? For example, could an external program parameterize the Points in a Path Generator node?
  • David_GouffeDavid_Gouffe Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 56 Handy

    The function "Path Generator" is not planned as a live function generating the path.

    It is not possible to input variable parameter before the beginning of the function or while the robot is moving through the path.

    -It might be possible to develop variable input to set before the beginning of the function. (A) Would it be useful for you and required ? 
    N.B.: It would be hard to use a parameter while the robot is moving. (B) I would not expect this feature soon. 

    -Let us know if you need this feature (A). 
    -Let us know how many robots this would apply to. 


    David Gouffé
    Integration Coach
    Coach en intégration

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