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Catherine Leclerc

Remote Access Update 1.2.X - Required to Download the New Remote Access File


The protocol used by remote access and by web browsers is being updated by the web browser community. In order to support the new version of the communication protocol for remote access and web browsing, the magic file needs to be replaced. If you have not updated the magic file, you will be notified to update it as soon as you insert your USB key.


  1. Either use a new USB key or completely delete the remote access directory (robot-remote-agent) from your USB key. There are two ways to fully delete the contents of your USB key:

    1. Delete all files on your key, leave it plugged in, and empty your computer trash bin. This deletes hidden files left on your key.

    2. Format your USB key.

  2. Go to and click on the Get started button

  3. Select Download robot software and re-install the remote access application on your USB key

  4. The new file directory “remote-access” must be located at the root of your USB key

You can then proceed as usual with Remote Access.

For Insights releases 1.27.13 and later

Starting with version 1.27.13, the free plan will be replaced with a 1-month trial of the Advanced Plan for new users. Robots without a subscription will have their status set to “Expired”. If robots using Insights 1.5.0 or earlier have their status set to “Expired”, you can do any of the following:

  1. Upgrade to Advanced plan

  2. Upgrade to URCap 1.5.0 or later

  3. Uninstall the Insights URCap

The Insights server will reject connections from robots with the “Expired” status, and events will be buffered onto their disk, as if the internet connection were interrupted. Up to 30mb of Insights events can be stored locally on a robot. You will need to delete this data.