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vallavoievallavoie Unconfirmed, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 9 Apprentice
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Hi Pros,

The latest products in Robotiq's line-up Grippers were officially launched last week at Automate ! Meet the EPick and AirPick, the first UR+ vacuum grippers ready for the new e-Series generation of Universal Robots. 


The EPick gets easily connected to the cobot wrist and needs no air supply. The AirPick vacuum is low noise, has a powerful flow and has a compact design for cobots. Vacuum grippers have a smooth handling for your applications as palletizing, packaging, pick and place, machine tending and assembly.

Get yours and Program and install, as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Plug + Play

  • Easy programming

  • Fully customizable

See the introduction video here .

Refer to the product page of the vacuum grippers to know more about the features, or contact our technical support team to get more information by clicking here.

Cheers !


  • jbahnerjbahner Founding Pro, Partner Posts: 10 Handy
    When will user manuals for this product be available on Robotiq's website?
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