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Brittaney541Brittaney541 Posts: 34 Apprentice
When the robot goes to snap shot position it takes longer time then I would like for it to take a picture and process the image. Is there anyway to speed up that process?


  • mathieu_theriaultmathieu_theriault Posts: 27 Handy


    The first snapshot takes always more time because it's at this time that the camera sets its parameters needed for future use.

    However, since 1.7.1 it's possible to set the focus, exposure and white balance manually which shortens this process.
  • Brittaney541Brittaney541 Posts: 34 Apprentice
    Its taking about 4-5 seconds every time it takes a snapshot while running program, I've seen in videos of the Wrist camera(of course not the ones in fast forward) of it only taking 2-3 seconds and then the arm is immediately in motion to the relative waypoint. Just worried that with the amount of cycle time while using a wrist camera may not be beneficial. Looking for ways to decrease the cycle time in any way. Thanks
  • David_LevasseurDavid_Levasseur Beta Tester Beetle Posts: 181 Handy
    @Brittaney541, Have you tried to enable the "fast cycle time" feature? You can read all about it here.
  • Brittaney541Brittaney541 Posts: 34 Apprentice
    Thanks @David_Levasseur I did that helped take at least a second off.
  • Nicholas_FrancoeurNicholas_Francoeur Posts: 93 Handy
    Hello @Brittaney541, know that the more refined your model is the faster you'll be able to locate it in your field of view. Using the parametric mode to teach a model for example would reduce the required time. Same thing applies for the background of the field of view; the more uniform it is, the less noise there is in the image, thus the faster it will be to locate it.
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