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Hi Pros,

Good news! The Hand-E Gripper has now a more delicate touch! 

Since March 4, 2019, Robotiq packages new version of the Hand-E firmware to allow a lower  minimum grasping force for fragile objects (GD1-1.3.6). The minimum force is changed from 60N to 20N (note that the maximum force remains the same). The updated firmware will be integrated to every Hand-E Adaptive Gripper shipped by March 4, 2019.

Circulating Hand-E Adaptive Grippers

This upgrade is not mandatory for the currently-used customer application of Hand-E grippers. As this update’s purpose may not suit everyone’s application need(s), feel free to determine whether it applies to your situation or not.

Replacing Hand-E Adaptive Grippers

In the case of replacement of an existing Hand-E gripper for a particular application, Robotiq suggests to test the grasping and adjust the level of force with this new firmware. The resulting force could be lower than before since the overall range have been modified.

Updating Hand-E Adaptive Grippers using a PC

Should an update be required for a Hand-E Gripper, please follow this procedure:


Material required:

  • A standard Robotiq Gripper coupling with M12 connector ((GRP-CPL-062)

  • A 10-meter high-flex cable (CBL-COM-2065-10-HF)

  • A USB to RS485 signal converter (ACC-ADT-USB-RS485) to connect the coupling to the PC

How to update:

  1. Download the compressed package  HERE

  2. Extract the executable upgrader

  3. Follow the indicated procedure  which is available in the PDF file folder

Should you need technical assistance or do not have the required material to upgrade your Hand-E Gripper, please contact Robotiq Support Team at