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Dany Nolet

Hi Pros,

On February 28, 2019, Robotiq released version 1.7.0 of its Wrist Camera URCap.

This release brings you to access to advanced camera parameters to get the best performance in every situation.  Two different layout options, the Basic and Expert modes, are now available for easy adjustment without compromising parameter access.

  • Basic mode covers existing parameters plus the possibility to adjust image exposure sensitivity at glance.

  • Expert mode provides all camera parameters. See table below for more details.

Expert mode, Manual Exposure parameters

Wrist Camera parameters Guide


Camera position adjustment during Calibration & Snapshot Position is also improved ; useful buttons helps you align camera with robot axis or flat the camera over your desired workplane, whatever the position or the angle.


UCC-1.7.0 Features and improvements

- New feature: improved frame rate and image acquisition speed.
- New feature: added button to align the camera to make it perpendicular to the nearest robot axis (before calibration).
- New feature: added button to move the camera over its central aiming point and align it with the calibration workplane (after calibration).
- New feature: added many controls for camera settings including exposure, LED intensity and white balance.
- New feature: added expert mode to access more camera settings than with the basic mode.
- New feature: added touch control on sliders added for faster adjustment.
- New feature: added a button to move to the snapshot position directly from the program node.
- Bug fix: improved responsivity of USB communication with the camera.
- Bug fix: simplified installation of the vision server.
- Bug fix: fixed program undo/redo behavior.
- Bug fix: improved program loading time.
- Bug fix: improved model stability.
- Bug fix: fixed access to UR's Dashboard Server.