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BenjaminKBenjaminK Posts: 16 Apprentice

Hi, guys.
Happy New Year!

I heard something good news about 2 Finger Gripper last year that new generation gripper is coming but not sure it is on sale or not so far.
Seems that the new one enables to replace fingertip in accordance with such requirement or workpieces using by end-user. Do you have any fingertip option like weiss robotics fingerkit? Here is a link for you. (https://www.weiss-robotics.com/gripkit/wp-content/uploads/GRIPKIT-2018-EN-neu.pdf)
They used to create customized fingertip to get perfect gripping for customers, what about you? We got many queries about the new generation gripper but there's no good enough information on this. 


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 508 Expert

    The new version 4 of the 2F gripper replaced the previous one since november 7th 2018. As you mention, it is possible to change the fingertip. You can have a look to the following youtube video which show this feature:

    We can provide 2 types of finger tips:

    • Grooved Fingertip (Meant for picking cylindrical objects)
    • Flat Silicone Fingertip
    • Blank Aluminum Fingertip

    If those fingtips does not fit for your application you can customise your own finger. You can download the CAD model of our fingertip from our support page and use it to design your own:

    It was also possible to design custom finger tips with the previous version of the 2F.

  • BenjaminKBenjaminK Posts: 16 Apprentice

    Thanks for your advice.
    We have ordered more than 10 gripper units as a UR kit since November 2018 but grippers were not replaced with the new generation gripper for each and every order that makes me confused. Was the part number changed? 
  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 508 Expert
    The SKU of old and new version of the 2F are same. We had a transition between the old and new version and your orders were just in this transition. Please contact your local ISS or CSM if you want to discuss about this matter.
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