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Hello Crew,

On January 8, 2019, Robotiq put online version 1.8.1 of its Force Copilot URCap (UCS-1.8.1). Please browse to the
product page of the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor or that of Force Copilot for download. The bug fix implemented is as follows:

- Bug fix for Zero Sensor popup displaying twice when starting ActiveDrive while sensor is not still.

Also, on January 14, 2019, Robotiq uploaded version 1.5.1 of its Adaptive Grippers URCap (UCG-1.5.1). Please browse to the product page of Hand-E or that of the 2F-85/2F-140 Grippers to download the compressed file. The improvements and bug fixes are listed below:

- Compatible with PolyScope 3.7 and later.
- Compatible with PolyScope 5.1 and later.
- Added firmware upgrader in Installation/About menus for Grippers connected directly to the USB port of the robot controller.
- Added "Show toolbar" option on e-Series robots.
- Added a scan feature in the toolbar's activation button when no Gripper has been scanned.
- Added "Limit gripper current" in Installation menu when Gripper is connected to wrist. The current is limited at 600 mA for a single Gripper and 450 mA for multiple Grippers.
- Fixed rq_is_motion_complete() function.
- Fixed delay when starting a program.
- Fixed activation when Gripper is connected without prior procedure, during a program execution (use Gripper Activate Node).
- Fixed Multiple point exception.

Please contact should you have questions or comments.