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When ordering your new Robotiq device, you need to order the right components to install it on your robot flange without hassle. Usually, most Robotiq products need a coupling designed for the robot flange you have and sometimes an adapter plate is necessary.

  • First you need to determine the Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) of your robot flange.

  • Then, you need to look for this PCD in the available couplings for each product.

  • If your robot PCD is greater than the actual device diameter, you’ll need an adapter plate

Robotiq devices commonly have a diameter around 75 mm, so any robot PCD greater than 60 mm (approx.) would need the consideration of an adapter plate.

Here are the different couplings and adapter plate available for each product:

Note: If you need extra guidance, you can get in touch with a Robotiq Application Engineer.

Catherine Bernier, Jr. Eng. 


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