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Dany NoletDany Nolet Beta Tester Camera URCap 1.2.0-beta, Beta Tester Beetle, Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0 Posts: 20 Apprentice
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Hello Pros,

On December 5, 2018, Universal Robots released version 3.8 (CB-Series) and 5.2 (e-Series) of the PolyScope robot software.

Programming on PolyScope 3.8 / 5.2 with version 1.6.5 of the Wrist Camera software (UCC-1.6.5) will prevent users from inserting Cam Locate nodes in a program tree.
Intended users will need to download the latest vision URCap (UCC-1.6.6), released by Robotiq on November 19, 2018 on the Robotiq support website.

If you wish to continue using UCC-1.6.5 in your production environment, Robotiq recommends the use of PolyScope 3.7 and/or 5.1.

Contact [email protected] for more details or assistance.


Dany Nolet

Product Owner

1-888-ROBOTIQ (762-6847) ext. 233

[email protected]


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