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MschackMschack Posts: 5 Apprentice
I am using my Robotiq wrist camera for a pick and place application. I am using a CB3 UR5 with the CB Camera and CB 2F-85 Gripper. I am running Polyscope 3.7.2, UCC 1.6.5, and UCG 1.5.0. Everything should be the latest version. 

Intermittently, I will receive the following error (about every 10-40 parts).

"XMLRPC: Failed with exception: Unable to transport SML to server and get XML response back. libcurl failed to execute the HTTP POST transaction. explaining: couldn't connect to host"

After clicking, OK, I will have to go to installation and reinstall the vision server. 

We cannot run with this error reoccurring all the time. Any suggestions? 


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