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jbriones02jbriones02 Posts: 6 Apprentice

I am trying to manipulate a tool (allen key shown as a representation) in such a way that its TCP is fixed in position yet able to rotate about an axis that is 

1. Parallel to the Z axis of the gripper 
2. A normal distance equal to the Y component of the TCP

Essentially what this would deliver is a continuous rotation around my thumb (pic far below) while also holding the position of the allen key. As far as I can tell I am able to achieve this  by holding down the blue arrow shown in the bottom left corner below. I am unable to replicate this with any sort of program or script. 
Any direction is greatly appreciated.




  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,266 Handy
    @jbriones02 some simple questions before I try to answer, have you set the TCP to be where you want the rotation to happen?  It basically sounds like you are trying to get the robot to circumscribe a circle with the end effector while it rotates, is that a fair statement?
  • jbriones02jbriones02 Posts: 6 Apprentice
    @matthewd92 yes, TCP is set.
  • jbriones02jbriones02 Posts: 6 Apprentice
    edited October 2018

    What I am trying to do is use a fixture to cut insulation from a profile that ends up normal to the gripper's Z - axis. Now that I think about it circumscribing a circle sounds exactly like what I am trying to do. The profile would be my scribe, the TCP my fixed point.

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