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iremnurtokaciremnurtokac Posts: 5 Apprentice
I followed the instructions to install the latest software for Wrist Camera. I had no previous software on my UR5 which runs on the PolyScope 3.7. 
After the installation, I go to Camera tab and on the Dashboard tab, there is an error saying "Vision System down". How can I fix this installation problem?
I am sharing a photo at the attachment. I've mounted wrist camera and gripper together, the gripper works fine. Thanks! 

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  • iremnurtokaciremnurtokac Posts: 5 Apprentice
    edited October 2018
    Hi @David_Levasseur
    thanks for the answer. I unzipped the URCap file directly on the USB (which is provided along with the wrist camera) and plugged into USB hub which is provided too. 
    The flash drive and USB dongle are recognized, however not installing the features. I see the same issue as the photo above. 
    I've checked the file vision_system, it is unzipped correctly and the name is correct as well. 

  • iremnurtokaciremnurtokac Posts: 5 Apprentice
    Thanks for the help! Now, I have unzipped the URCap file directly on the USB stick using the option of "unzip here" without creating a folder, installation works fine. 
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