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Hi Pros,

Given the launch of the e-Series cobots by Universal Robots and the need for device standardization following the expansion of the Robotiq Grippers family with the arrival of Hand-E, Robotiq proceeded to a substantial update of its Gripper couplings.

Cable-to-controller coupling (GRP-CPL-062)

As of July 26, 2018, note that the AGC-CPL-062-002 coupling has been replaced with GRP-CPL-062.

The initial Gripper coupling has undergone several changes to insure a standard design and an improvement in reliability preventing potential accidental damage:

- The coupling is 3 mm thicker* than the previous one
- A spring guard at the connection joint provides strain relief
- The printed-circuit board (PCB) connector is overmolded, and therefore more durable and resistant to external environment conditions

Comparison in coupling thickness

Design changes to the coupling (AGC-CPL-062-002 on the left, GRP-CPL-062 on the right)

Please note that all future Robotiq Gripper orders for CB-Series cobots will include the new 
GRP-CPL-062 coupling.
If damage or breakage occurs with your older AGC-CPL-062-002 coupling, it will be replaced with a 
new GRP-CPL-062 coupling, all depending on the provisions and term of your product warranty. 
If ever you absolutely need to keep your AGC-CPL-062 coupling after potential future damage, 
repair/replacement needs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Cable-to-wrist coupling (GRP-ES-CPL-062)

The new Robotiq Gripper coupling for e-Series (GRP-ES-CPL-062) is now in production for the 2F-85, 2F-140 and Hand-E. 

This new UR-compatible coupling for Robotiq Grippers connects directly to the robot wrist! It has been specifically designed for Universal Robots' e-Series cobots. It is also 3 mm thicker* than the older cable-to-controller coupling.

Cable management is a lot simpler given that both power and communication signals go through this convenient material update.
GRP-ES-CPL-062 is available for distributors and end-users who are already working with e-Series cobots. It is part of the following kits, available for order by contacting a Robotiq ISS/CSM:

- HND-ES-UR-KIT (Hand-E)
- AGC-ES-UR-KIT-002 (2F-85)
- AGC-ES-UR-KIT-140 (2F-140)

Contact should you have questions regarding this material update.

*The 3 mm increase in thickness might have an impact on robot programs where accurate positioning of the Gripper is essential to the success of the application . Please contact for best programming practices.