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F_ReinickeF_Reinicke Posts: 6 Apprentice
Hello you all,

i'm using and UR10, FT 300 and and selfmade Endeffector.
For using the Force Control feature, of the 1.6.1 Cap, i want to calibrate the Sensor.

I tryed many different styles of moving the Robot during Calibration but it alway failed to calibrate.
The Error is discribed as:
"Calibration failed during the validation phase. Restart calibration and make sure not to apply any forces to the Force Torque Sensor throughout the process"

There are some Cables conected to the Endeffector and its around 7kg heavy.

How can i Calibrate the Sensor?
I cant detache the Cables.
Can i put in mass, Center of gravity by hand so i can use it?


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