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Featured DoF Founding Pro: Matt Bush from Hirebotics @matthewd92

Up until recently, Matt was a Director of Operations at Scott Fetzer Electrical Group. Their great integration work there involving several UR robots was featured
on a case study. Him and his colleague Rob Goldiez saw so much potential in the technology that they started Hirebotics, a company from which you can rent robots and pay by the hour used. To make it happen, Matt and the team did all sort of fancy tricks to connect the robot on the cloud and make their cells as flexible as possible so they can deploy them anywhere, quickly. You want to learn more about them, listen to the webcast tomorrow on RBR.


Feature DoF Founding Pro: Kel Guerin from Ready Robotics @kel

Kel just finished his Ph.D. from John Hopkins University and his starting a new venture. We don't know yet what it will do but it will great. To convince yourself, watch the video below for the project that won his team the 2016 KUKA Innovation Award.


Featured DoF Founding Pro: David Beachy from Corbin Russwin, @BeachChE

David is the real deal. He's been working full time at integrating cobots one after the other at Corbin for a few years now. I've seen several of his projects and it's always the right technology to get the job done. One area of expertise that we don't see that often is flexible part feeding combining vision and vibratory feeders.