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Last week at automatica, Robotiq showcased some interesting demos featuring its full product line, including the newcomer Hand-E, ready for the new e-Series generation of Universal Robots.

The demos were designed to fully demonstrate the products’ functionalities while displaying practical applications.

Robotiq Adaptive Grippers were used to grip parts, complete assembly tasks and validate part dimensions using the Grip Check node featured in the latest URCap package.

The latest Robotiq Wrist Camera URCap ensured reliable localization of parts with different surface finishes and shapes, despite them being subject to various lighting environments.

Finally, the new FT Mode node of the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor URCap unlocked a new range of applications for this product, which has already proven its worth.

Check out the following demo videos:

Pick and place demo with Hand-E

Precision assembly demo with Hand-E, 2F-140, FT 300 and Wrist Camera

Polishing demo with the FT 300

Feel free to ask any questions below!