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On June 15, 2018, Robotiq released version 1.3.0 of its FT 300 Sensor URCap (UCS-1.3.0).
Please refer to the
support product page of the Sensor for literature and downloadables.

The main add-on is the FT Mode node, which allows to apply force and torque values along and around axes.
With the various user-defined settings available, operators can thus use the Force Torque Sensor to follow irregular shapes and/or surfaces for applications such as polishing, deburring, finishing, dispensing, etc.

The user can edit the following settings:

  • Select a reference frame (tool vs. base)
  • Choose from the axes along/around which the force values will be applied
  • Adjust the force/torque to be applied
  • Adjust the stiffness (%) and deviation range
A convenient Test button is made available for assessing the robot's movement according to the user-defined settings, prior to programming with the node.


Do not hesitate to contact our integration coaches with your questions regarding the applications that are now feasible given the new possibilities unlocked.

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