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nicolas_bouchardnicolas_bouchard Posts: 27 Handy
edited July 2018 in Robotiq Products
Hi Pros,

On June, 19, 2018, Universal Robots released version 3.6 of PolyScope, its robot control software.
Please note that we are aware of compatibility issues with all Robotiq URCaps, except for Skills.

Robotiq recommends you continue using PolyScope 3.5 for the time being and wait for the imminent release of fixed Robotiq URCaps before upgrading to PolyScope 3.6, which prevents you from editing Robotiq program nodes.

Robotiq is currently working towards a URCap repackaging for all of its products in order to solve any compatibility issues that might arise following that release.
Please also note that downgrading to previous versions of Robotiq URCaps will result in the same incompatibility issue.

Thank you very much for your collaboration an understanding.
Nicolas Bouchard, B. Eng., M. Sc.
Digital Learning Project Manager
[email protected]
1-418-380-2788 ext. 240


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