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JohnnyPaaskeJohnnyPaaske Posts: 1 Recruit
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Hi, I am installing a UR10 at a conveyor... I need to make the conveyor stop in case of a preventive stop. I have searched the manual, but can only find this signal when we are talking emergency stop.
How can i get a signal out for the conveyor, in case of a preventive stop.

The reason is that there is a potiential risk that the UR10 can get stuck in the conveyor. then the UR10 will go into preventive stop, but the conveyor will still move and pull the UR10 ;-(
I am not an expert in programming, so please explain it in "english" :-) 


  • JSchenaJSchena Posts: 10 Apprentice
    There is a way in the safety io to trigger an output when the robot is moving or stops moving. Other then that i am in the same boat, when it comes to looking for a way to trigger an output  when a preventive stop happens. There are several occasions on most of the jobs that have been integrated that the robot will stop for several seconds and sending the signal that the robot has stopped. If there is any better way of doing this im sure the peaple of the forum would know.
    Jon Schena
    Robotic Technician
    Tonnard Mfg. 
  • RazvanRazvan Posts: 10 Apprentice
    edited August 2018
    You can configure an output to trigger when the program is not running. 
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