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Hello @vitors, When you update the vision URCap, you also have to update the vision server. The vision server is located in the directory called vision_system at the root of the USB stick that has to remain connected to the controller. The firmware updater and the appropriate firmware file are are also located in this directory. You have to completely delete the previous files before copying the new ones. The complete procedure for updating the vision URCap can be read in section 3.6.2 of the wrist camera instruction manual. Once the vision server has been installed, it will verify the version of the firmware and, if it is not the correct one for the URCap installed, you will see a button for updating the camera firmware from the camera dashboard in the installation tab. Note that if the vision server and the camera don't communicate properly (faulty cable, defective camera, bad wiring...), the vision server will not be able to read the firmware version and will display the "Firmware obsolete" message.