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This how-to is intended for the Robotiq grippers 2-Finger 85/140 3.X.X, the Robotiq FT-300 1.X.X and any UR using controller CB2 / CB3.X

Here is an overview about how to install the UR kit including the 2 finger gripper and the FT-300.
For the full instructions, please got to
Mechanical setup
Step 1 : Install the sensor on the robot arm using the provided coupling and srews.

Step 2 : Install the gripper as it was directly on the arm using the provided coupling and screw from the kit.


Electrical Setup
Step 3 : For the power, connect both the sensor and the gripper in the robot controller accordingly to the version.


Communication Setup

Step 4 : Use the RS-485 to USB converter on both devices. Then, use the USB hub splitter to connect both devices in the robot controller.

Software Installation
Step 5 : Download all the drivers to the UR controller. Those drivers are found at Using both devices doesn't require additional special drivers, simply use the usual ones.

Now, time to enjoy all the functionalities of this Robotiq kit.