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Annick_MottardAnnick_Mottard Posts: 147 Handy
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Hello Pros!

We are very excited to bring you a Beta version for a new FT 300 feature. This Beta version of the FT 300 URCap includes Robotiq's FT Mode. It is a new URCap node that uses the FT 300 data to apply predefined forces and/or torques on a Path recording node. It can also give the robot a spring effect in desired axes (see the Contact stiffness parameter in the guide below). The FT Mode can be used with any other instruction other than standard UR Move instructions (MoveJ, MoveL, MoveP). 

We have tested it ourselves on a few interesting applications. We will post them below soon!

You can download the Beta URCap here. Make sure you read the Beta Quickstart guide (attached to this post) before you start testing with this URCap version.  The Robotiq team and I would be glad if you could send us feedback by filling out this questionnaire. We want to make sure we develop URCaps that fit your needs and your customers'. 

Here are some important warnings:
  • Do not use this Beta URCap in a production environment, on a customer’s robot cell or on a permanent setup. 
  • Since this is a Beta version, some bugs might be present. Please report them and we will address them accordingly. 
  • Always use caution when testing a Beta software.

Annick Mottard
Product Expert
[email protected] 


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