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eskesk Posts: 2 Recruit
edited May 2018 in Troubleshooting
Updated from UCC-1.2.1 to UCC-1.3.0 and now dashboard server cannot play a program on the robot.
Specifically, when "play" is sent to the dashboard server, the teach pendant shows a progress dialog (as normal) but it never moves from 0%, and the dashboard server does not send back a response to the command. It is necessary to restart the robot in order to regain control.
Running programs only from the teach pendant is not affected.
I have downgraded back to UCC-1.2.1 and the issue is resolved. We need a fix for a bug where the camera light does not reliably switch off, which I was hoping would be resolved by updating to 1.3.0. Is there a version in between that would work?



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