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pgb123pgb123 Posts: 12 Apprentice
Trying to use this code https://github.com/SintefRaufossManufacturing/python-urx/blob/master/urx/robotiq_two_finger_gripper.py
Or this code https://github.com/poproulx/python-urx/blob/master/urx/robotiq_two_finger_gripper.py

But BOTH at the very start of setup say

You must install the driver first and then power on the gripper from the
gripper UI. The driver can be found here:

However that link seems broken and Robotiq don't seem very responsive or know about it.

Does anyone out there have it or know where else we may be able to get it?

Further which of the two github links is the best for us to move forwards with?


  • David_LevasseurDavid_Levasseur Beta Tester Beetle Posts: 182 Handy
    Hello @pgb123, the link is just an obsolete link to our previous support page for the 2-Finger gripper. The new page can be found right here. As for your issue about integrating our gripper on Python, hopefully someone from the community will be able to provide some assistance.
  • pgb123pgb123 Posts: 12 Apprentice
    Thanks David! That link you posted did work before, but now it says invalid again? (not available in my language - English) I think this was basically the same link you posted tho right? https://robotiq.com/support/2f-85-2f-140

    Now I had read it in the URX githubs that I posted above as a link to an actual driver, whereas this links to a general support page with lots of docs and some drivers also. 

    Could you or someone PLEASE help us out and just to be clear say the exact file name or description of the driver file.

    A senior support person at UR said it's this one here in the legacy archives https://robotiq.com/support/archive DCU-1.0.10 
  • pgb123pgb123 Posts: 12 Apprentice
    Also, hopefully final question, does "the driver" (still not sure which it is tho) have to be "installed" onto the python server somehow &/or other UR install files on the controller have to be copied from there to the server and if so where?


    Is the fact we have a perfectly working current model UR + Robotiq 2F-85 gripper mean that "the drivers" are already sufficiently "installed" for the right python scripts to run the gripper?

    Really praying someone can help me here, as this means so much to me and I just don't know anywhere else to get help unfortunately.
  • PierreOlivier_ProulxPierreOlivier_Proulx Beta Tester VIsion 1.1 Program, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 69 Handy
    The comment in the python script is referring to a legacy version of the gripper driver for UR. This has been replaced by the URCap but is still backward compatible. So if the urcap is installed on the robot, this requirement is fulfilled.

    What the python script does is sending a urscript program to the controller. This urscript does the same thing that the urcap does  i.e. it connects to the driver running on the robot and defines a bunch of functions to allow communication with the gripper.

    I don't know how your project is structured but I assume that you are sending urscript directly to the robot (on port 30003). I that case, if you want a working example of a urscript controlling the gripper, you can write a program in polyscope and execute it. Then, go in the /programs folder on the robot. You will find your .urp program along a .script file. This .script file can be send to the controller and the program will be executed. You can start from this urscript to write your program.
    Pierre-Olivier Proulx
    Software Designer
    [email protected]
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