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BenjaminKBenjaminK Posts: 16 Apprentice

A customer tested to connect the 2F-Gripper with PC through the Universal Controller on the basis of Modbus RTU. But they found an error message on RUI as below picture.

The Blue and Green LED(Power and Communication) on Universal Controller are well functioning as On, respectively, at the same time the fault LED is off and the USB LED is under blinking. And The red color LED is observed on Gripper along with above condition.

They took the RUI from your website then installed it according to the correct procedure. Even if they connected 'COM4' clicking 'Search for devices' and 'Auto Connect' in sequence, they failed to connect it, unfortunately. 


Could you answer me this question how can we resolve this? 

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  • Guillaume_CharronGuillaume_Charron Beta Tester Beetle Posts: 41 Handy

    I contacted you directly to get further information on your issue. I will post back the solution when we find it.
    Guillaume Charron
    Support Tech
    +01 418-380-2788 ext. 236
    [email protected]
  • BenjaminKBenjaminK Posts: 16 Apprentice

    We have the 3-Finger Gripper for our demo that we took in a few years ago and I tested it with RUI downloaded on your website yesterday. But it works well. Even I have a more obsolete version of RUI than this and it works as well. 
    They found that there are eight colors of wire to be connected with Universal Controller in manual, however, they have five only which is connecting like below.

    White: 485+ A
    Red: 24V
    Green: 485- B
    Black: 0V
    Shield: 485- Ground

    I assumed that there's a chance of misconnection while wiring. Could you advise me the correct connection? 
  • BenjaminKBenjaminK Posts: 16 Apprentice
    Hi, Guillaume.
    The problem was resolved thanks to your advice. They misconnected a gripper to the universal controller!

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