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Thanks Mat, that's what I was missing !


@matthewd92 Do you mean you can still define waypoint relative to Base feature with E-Series and modify de Base feature by just defining the Base_var variable ? If so, can you give a programme example ?
Let me see if I can find one when I’m back in the office next week. 


@DevinNorris Feature points in UR includes orientation. 
Trying to understand something here, how are Feature waypoints different in orientation than regular waypoints?  I know you can use features within the built-in Polyscope move functions but we do the same thing all the time with regular waypoints with scripted moves, or we do the math we need to do and then just use Polyscope move functions with a variable waypoint. 

Just trying to understand and what you are getting at regarding the feature points and orientation. 


@matthewd92 @MarcAntoine_Lacasse I've used point features in the past and occasionally the robot would move to the point/location but not in the correct orientation. For example, say I created a feature point on the top surface of the table.. base and tool z-axis perpendicular to the surface. Now when moving to that point the robot would approach from the bottom side of the table.
@Kaleb_Rodes I posted a blog post related to this topic as I have seen a lot of folks have this same issue, including myself when I first started doing more advanced stuff with UR programs.  Here is a link to the post,


With moveL you could simply alter the base_var and then it adjusts the moves accordingly.  This does not work for movej though since there is no transformation going on behind the scenes like there is with moveL. You could store as an installation variable the offset pose to use and then in the before start section of the program do the pose_add such as:
base_var = pose_add(base_var,someOffsetPose)
We played around with this some yesterday and it actually does work with the movel

I have one doubt if we use Base_var ,  are we shifting the robot base?

Due to this any impact on robot..