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TayoTayo Posts: 8 Apprentice
Hi DoF community,

Lately my robot behaves very erratically within some pretty simple programs. I use the UR10, wrist camera and 2-finger-gripper (85).
First, it moves to the snapshot position, so the start is OK. But then, when it locates a product and it's supposed to go pick it, it just moves in a completely random direction. Very unpredictable every time. 

What causes this? It would be nice if someone could help me solve this problem.

Best regards,

Tayo Janssen.


  • Guillaume_CharronGuillaume_Charron Beta Tester Beetle Posts: 41 Handy

    We contacted you directly to get further information on your issue. We will do a follow up on this post afterward to give more details on this type of issue. 

    Best regards,
    Guillaume Charron
    Support Tech
    +01 418-380-2788 ext. 236
    [email protected]
  • T800_412T800_412 Posts: 51 Apprentice
    Make sure you are not switching TCP between move statements, or if you are, you are switching to the right one.

    I use TCP11 for the camera, and TCP1 or TCP2 for the gripper. I once taught the moveL command following the Cam Locate using TCP11, then I mistakenly switched it to TCP2 later on. This caused the arm to seem to move incorrectly, but it was just putting the selected TCP where I told it to.
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