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carofidecarofide Posts: 15 Apprentice
edited March 2018 in Troubleshooting
We contacted support people to help us with the change of communication protocol of our gripper, to Modbus TCP. We followed the instructions. However, the problem we have now is that the status led on the gripper controller is red (it is not blinking). We connect to the RUI using the USB cable and we can activate the gripper, we can see that the communication protocol is changed. However, if we try to change the IP, the interface shows an error ( "A problem occurs during the reconfiguration please relaunch the user interface and try again").  I am not sure if this is because the red led is still on.

Has someone experience the same problem? how can you change the status led? The troubleshooting page says it is a minor problem, wait until the red led gets OFF. But it never gets off, and there is not information of what to do to make it OFF.



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