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All of them, our specifications:

Conception of a machine of control by vision with moving camera by robot
Objective: Control 20 control points on 20 different area for a tool
1 / Launch of the robot program following tools to control
2 / Moving the robot to the 1st control point
3 / Robot sending to view the control picture
4 / Take the picture
5 / The camera sends the info that the picture is taken
6 / Moving the robot to the 2nd control point
7 / Same process as many times as control bridge

Learn more about the FH-L550 solution and a FZSQ100N camera
In terms of solutions, we support their support via this link

Our goal is to find a communication between camera and robot to control the taking of photos, the change of control program but also the movement of the robot.
We want the robot to be master of the whole.

Today, we can not define what the camera sends back as information and what it can receive from the robot.
We have no program to test that. We really have shortcomings on this subject.

Thank you for your help


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