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@TVRU if you check out this post in November 2019 I posted up how to do this for the old way of calculating UR planes.  I saw something recently on the new calculations, UR changed how planes are calculated around 3.7.  We use this everyday in production, its just slightly different in that the second point defines +y, and now with the newest UR method the second point defines +x.

I was able to find the post where I saw the code for the new plane feature, its actually a script file UR generated with a lot of helper functions in it, one of them is  get_feature_plane(p1, p2, p3) you would simply need to assign the return value of this to your feature variable and pass in the 3 points that you want to use.  I have attached the file from UR.  I know of one typo that existed in the file and so I corrected that, I have not personally ran any of these functions so I cannot vouch for their correctness or completeness.