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jackcjackc Unconfirmed Posts: 2 Recruit
I am trying to use the palletizing template to get the robot to pick objects from a fixed location and place 4 objects in a line.  Taught the robot the starting and ending point of the line and it knows where to place the objects.  I've taught it where to start to pick each object as this will be a simulated conveyor where it moves each part into its pickup position.  However, it will not return to the pickup position.  When the program runs, the robot will move to the correct location for placement but instead of moving back to the designated pickup location, it moves a relative distance sideways from the placed object.  
Does anyone have any advice, sample programs, etc. to offer.
Much appreciated!   

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  • jackcjackc Posts: 2 Recruit
    Accepted Answer
    Thank you David!  I will redo it from the start following the wizard.  


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